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PEI Pressure Washing is an island-based company that is dedicated to providing a variety of high quality property cleaning and improvement services to residential and commercial clients Island wide!

It can be hard to keep your property looking brand new, but we're here to help! Having your deck, driveway, or siding cleaned can vastly improve not only their appearance, but their lifespan as well.

Main Services

Pressure Washing

  • Blast away dirt and grime with high-pressure
  • For tougher surfaces, such as wood or pavement, pressure washing is the way to go
  • Increase the value of your property with our pressure washing services

Soft Washing

  • Dirt melts away with ease thanks to our eco-friendly products
  • For vinyl siding and other soft surfaces that could be damaged at high-pressure, soft washing is the most effective option
  • Brighten up the appearance of your home

Window Cleaning

  • Enjoy unobstructed natural light and a spotless view with regular window cleaning.
  • Enhance your home or business aesthetics by removing dirt and smudges, boosting curb appeal.
  • Prevent damage and maintain window integrity by regularly cleaning away harmful substances.


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About us

PEI Pressure Washing strives to complete every job according to our three core values: sustainability, quality, and satisfaction. We do top notch work to assure that your property remains pristine for years to come. At PEI Pressure Washing no work is complete until you are delighted with the expert service that we've provided, so reach out today for your free estimate!

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